With a full-size, state-of-the-art ice surface and general seating capacity for over 300 spectators, the Allen Community Rink is an excellent place to hold events.

Why not try out ice skating in Allen? There are plenty of reasons to visit this community and have fun on the rink because it’s open year-round. So no matter what time you come down here during these colder months or if it is raining outside – all hope isn’t lost. They’ve got reservations available for people who want their private lesson with one of their certified instructors, so that’ll make anyone feel like an expert by endgame.

The Allen Community Ice Rink is a great place to go during open skate times. You can have fun on the ice or take lessons if that’s what interests you! If not, they’ve got plenty of other activities going there, too, like watching hockey games with their calendar full every week – which means no shortage of entertainment when visiting this rink in your area.

Allen Community Ice Rink is the perfect venue for your next event. There’s no need to worry about anything else with amenities like locker rooms, equipment shop, and meeting rooms available on-site. The rinks are also heated to serve as an ice skating rink or softball field (or any other activity). Whether it be birthdays parties – private rentals- fundraisers ̵ corporate team building sessions, church functions, this place has something just right down everything you want in one spot.

Ice rink hours are perfect for everyone. Have you ever wanted to try out an ice skate but don’t know where or when the next opportunity will be? Both newbies and veterans alike can enjoy time at Allen Community Ice Rink. The Open Skate schedule means there’s always somewhere near your location that has open sessions–even if it isn’t during their regular weekly session times (which vary).

The warmer months are quickly getting closer, and that means one thing: it’s time to get out on the ice. There isn’t a better way to have fun in this exciting sport than with an introduction from our experienced instructors at Allen Community Ice Rink. Whether your child wants more experience or you’re looking for some refresher lessons, they’ll find exactly what they need in their next class. From foot glides and stopping techniques all leading up to basic skating skills like backward skateboarding, with registration required by each instructor before enrollment, can proceed by contacting the rink officials.

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