When the Grahams moved to Allen in 2010, they were surprised by how few options for entertainment there were. So when people asked about starting a local theatre and told that if anyone wanted one, then it should be them-the family took up this challenge with open arms. They posted flyers all around town until finally meeting some interested individuals at an event where everything changed forever.

When the Allen Arts Alliance needed to find a new performance group for their annual Stampede event, they turned out in force. The core group that had been with them from day one aligned itself with this newest opportunity and successfully secured key spots on all stages at both state-wide events – gaining exposure while also advancing goals.

The four founders of the Contemporary Theater had never met before, but they were all the same profession: actors. An open-air audition caused them to form a group- Gena is from Alaska and has been teaching drama while crossing off items on her bucket list; Robin holds award-winning make up artistry with Nancy being another professional stage combat actor hails from Allen. And finally, Jeremy advanced his career by taking part in this project that helped in coming up with this magnificent theater.

Located at 1210 E Main St #300, Allen, TX 75002, the Allen Contemporary Theater is the perfect place for you to enjoy live theater. This small but innovative company aims at entertaining the public and adding cultural life to their community by staging many creative performances such as plays or musicals. The Allen Community Theater is one of the best places in town to see a live show. They have everything from Shakespearean plays, musical theater performances, and more.

The people who run Allen Community Theater know how to make their audience feel welcome by providing great food before each performance as well as reprinting scripts so you don’t miss any key moments if need be – all while entertaining us with innovative ideas that bring culture right into our living rooms or communities themselves.

The company tasked with spearheading all the shows at Allen Community Theater is relatively young, only formed around 11 years ago. Since its establishment, many people have enjoyed watching performances here from all over town and even outside the Dallas Fort Worth area. Think of the Allen Community Theater as your go-to spot for all things entertainment. You can catch a performance from their dynamic and reputable theater company.

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