The neighborhood of Fm 1378 / Estates Pky in Allen, Texas, is one of the most urban areas where people can live in with all of its amenities but still have space to plant their lawns and play outside.

When it comes to real estate, Fm 1378 / Estates Pky is definitely more expensive than most places in the state. The median price for this neighborhood at $419139 ranks among those with higher rates and makes up an interesting contrast against other neighborhoods within Texas as well. In fact, this area’s median real estate price is more expensive than 85.8% of all other neighborhoods across Texas and 70.4% nationwide.

With an average rental price of $2,872, it’s no surprise that the Fm 1378 / Estates Pky neighborhood is more expensive than 96%. This area has some great opportunities for renters.

The Fm 1378 / Estates Pky neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes with plenty of space. Also, this beautiful community has many different sizes and styles available, so no matter what your needs may be, they’ve got something that will work.

With most residential real estate in this area being owner-occupied, there are a lot of different styles and ages. The Fm 1378 / Estates Pky neighborhood has newer homes as well, but you’ll also find some that were built before 1970 along with those between 2000 – 2021.

The Fm 1378 / Estates Pky neighborhood is among the most desirable in all America. This area has an incredibly low vacancy rate, which means there are very few homes available for purchase or rent by new residents who might want to live here; this clearly indicates strong demand, thus far unable to meet production levels with supply constraints preventing further development on these lands.

The homes in this neighborhood are some of the newest built, with fresh paint on them and young landscaping nearly everywhere. In fact, 72% percent or more residential real estate here can be classified as newer than 2000.

The Fm 1378 / Estates Pky community stands out as it has a very high proportion of detached single-family homes. In fact, this area is more similar to what you would find in an American suburb than anywhere else, with nearly no other types of residential real estate here besides these custom-built brick & beam structures that stand tall among their counterparts around the country.

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