The neighborhood of S Malone Rd / Estates Pky in Allen, Texas, is an urban area with a high quality of living for those who reside there.

The median home price in the neighborhood of S Malone Rd / Estates Pky is $326,320, which makes it more expensive than 78% of neighborhoods in Texas and 60.6% nationwide.

With the average rental price in this neighborhood at $2,855, it’s no surprise that these costs are higher than 95% of other neighborhoods across Texas.

The S Malone Rd / Estates Pky community is a great place to find your next home. There are many different types of properties available, from small single-family homes with only one or two bedrooms up to large five-bedroom houses. In case you’re thinking about purchasing an investment property that will eventually generate more income than costs while still being able to maintain equity during times when money isn’t flowing as freely through investments, then this could be just what’s right for you too.

With many residential properties being owner-occupied, the S Malone Rd / Estates Pky neighborhood has a high rate of established but not old houses. Many were built between 1970 and 1999, with some additions added in 2000 or later.

This neighborhood has one of the lowest real estate vacancy rates in America, with just 0.5% being vacant – which means there’s an issue when it comes to creating enough supply for all these eager buyers. This could result in either higher prices or more abundance on homes available; you’ll have access whichever way your luck goes, considering how tight this market currently seems.

The neighborhood of S Malone Rd/Estates Pky in Allen is known to be friendly toward college students. This area is home to many students; it’s relatively walkable and above average in safety, making it a good place to make your next settle down. In combination, this makes the perfect spot with proximity not only near some universities but also having amenities geared towards them such as bars or gyms open late during weekdays, so you don’t have to go far if need be.

The grandeur of this neighborhood is highlighted by its high-end homes, which are occupied mostly by wealthy people. The residents here make above-average wages and enjoy a higher quality of life compared to most other neighborhoods across America.

The diverse population of this neighborhood has many different languages that they speak at home. The most common one spoken here is English, with 76%. Other key languages include Spanish and Arabic.

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