Allen City Center is a suburban neighborhood in the city of Allen, Texas. It has been ranked as one if not the most liveable communities based on quality-of-life factors like safety guards against boredom with plenty do things within walking distance from any given location.

The City Center neighborhood in Allen has a median home price of $323,148, which is more expensive than 76% percent of the neighborhoods across Texas and 59% nationwide.

The City Center neighborhood in Allen is among the most expensive rental areas, with an average price that’s currently at $2,054, which is higher than 81.8% of the neighborhoods in Texas. This puts it far ahead as compared to other neighborhoods across Texas, where renters can find similarly-priced homes or apartments for less than half this cost.

The City Center community of Allen, Texas, is a beautiful area with many different types and sizes of homes to choose from. There are small one-bedroom apartments for those who want their own private space or large families looking at finding something more suitable in size than what they currently live in; it’s also near businesses, so if you work downtown, this would be perfect.

With a mix of owners and renters, the City Center neighborhood has an established but not old landscape. Built between 1970-1999 in some cases with newer developments coming soon after 2000; there is plenty for those who live here for now as well future generations.

The City Center community in Allen, TX, is home to some pretty exceptional people. This area has an above-average income when compared with other areas throughout America and also boasts a higher proportion of well-educated residents who can afford their own two cars or maybe even three if they want something more luxurious.

46.5% of the working population in Allen City Center are employed as executives, managers, and professionals, which means they make up a large percentage of this neighborhood’s economy. The second most important occupational group is sales & service jobs such as major sales accounts or working with fast-food restaurants accounting for 20%. Other residents here also do manufacturing (19%), laborer occupations(19%), and clerical assistant tech support 13%.

The diverse languages spoken in this neighborhood may be a result of many different cultural backgrounds. It’s interesting that English is the most common language here, as it has been largely influenced by those with an American heritage who settled during colonial times. The other important tongue heard across Allen City Center are Spanish and Vietnamese – two more reminders about how far away from home we really live.

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