The Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln community in Allen, Texas, is a great place to live if you’re looking for the perfect balance between city life and country surroundings. This suburban area based on population density can offer easy access both downtown, where there are plenty of jobs as well some very nice restaurants within walking distance from your house or apartment complex – plus all those cultural attractions around this area.

When you think of Allen neighborhoods, the Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln neighborhood is sure to come up. This median real estate price ($499,890) makes it more expensive than 91% percent of all other neighborhoods in Texas and 78% nationwide.

In the Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln neighborhood of Allen, Texas, renters are paying an average price for their rentals that is much higher than what they would expect in other neighborhoods. The monthly rental cost here is $2,201, which is higher than 85.8% percent in other areas across Texas.

The architecture in this area is fascinating. From studio apartments to high-rise buildings, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs. The diverse and abundant housing options in the Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln neighborhood ensure that you will find a perfect match for your needs. You can choose from small (studio to two bedroom) apartments to medium-sized houses with three or four bedrooms on up.

The diverse population of Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln includes many homeowners and renters. The neighborhood’s newer residences, built-in 2000 or more recently, account for much of this area’s housing stock; there are also some built between 1970 – 1999.

Once you’re searching for a new home, it is important that the neighborhood has an appealing ambiance. With 61% of homes in this area being built after 1999, there’s plenty to love about Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln. You will find lots and blocks filled with builder-customized houses alongside tree-lined streets just waiting for their next resident. The reason why so many residents choose to live here rather than somewhere else? We think maybe because everything feels fresh, from how clean all areas are on up through each cornerstone laid out beautifully before us as if they were holding hands across some unbreakable bond between them both.

The Comanche Dr / Rainforest Ln community in Allen is an upper-middle-income area with more high earners than most other places. This means that residents here make a decent living and pay taxes on their earnings to support the local economy – something we should all be happy about.

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