The median residential real estate price in the Eldorado Pky / Rio Grande Dr neighborhood is $554,748, which makes it more expensive than 93.4% of neighborhoods across Frisco, Texas and 81% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The rent in this area is quite high, coming out to an average of $4343 per month. This price point represents a 99% rise over the national average and makes it one of only a few neighborhoods that exceed Texas’ statewide figure by such extreme margins.

The real estate market in Eldorado Pky/Rio Grande Dr is anything but low-key. It’s primarily made up of large houses, which can be anywhere from four bedrooms to five. There are also some medium-sized properties that have three or more rooms each – perfect for families looking at their first home together as well.

With a majority of residential real estate being owner-occupied, there are many newer homes in this neighborhood. There is also some dating back as far 1970s and before.

The current real estate in Eldorado Pky / Rio Grande Dr is very friendly to owners, with a vacancy rate that’s lower than 92% of all neighborhoods across America. This means there are few homes available for purchase or rent here, which has created an environment where demand far outweighs supply – making housing prices retain their value more easily due to the lack of competitors on price tags.

What you will notice first when walking or driving around this neighborhood is the size of its homes. They are all very large, with many having four bedrooms and Labs as pets. In fact, almost every single house in Eldorado Pky/Rio Grande Dr has at least three bedrooms plus sufficient space for other animals, too – making it one great place to live if quality matters most.

The average-sized residence here offers three-plus rooms that can easily satisfy any family’s needs, whether they’re looking into moving up from an apartment downtown where living quarters were smaller than what was expected.

The houses in this neighborhood are all extremely new, with the smell of fresh paint and landscaping nearly everywhere you look. For example, there’s a lot going on at once when driving down Eldorado Pky or Rio Grande Dr because 94% (over two-thirds)of residential real estate here falls into newer categories–and they completely dominate what little land remains.

The Eldorado Pky / Rio Grande Dr neighborhood is a place where married couples live happily together. This single-neighborhood has more marriages than 97% of all U .S . neighborhoods, so it’s likely you will find someone your age living here who shares similar interests and habits–maybe even some good friends.

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