Located in the city of Grapevine, Texas, Euless Grapevine Rd is a residential street in a suburban community. Euless Grapevine Rd real estate is mostly comprised of single-family homes ranging in size from medium (three or four bedrooms) to big (four, five, or more bedrooms), as well as apartment complexes and high-rise apartments. The vast majority of residential real estate is owned and occupied by the property’s owner.

In Euless Grapevine Rd, there are 4.6 percent of available homes for sale, which is lower than the 76.7 percent of American areas that have vacant homes for sale. The demand for real estate on Euless Grapevine Rd is higher than the national average, which may indicate a desire for price rises or the construction of new residential property in this community.

The bulk of the adults in the Euless Grapevine Rd area are well-to-do, highly educated business professionals who live in luxury. They are the owners of majestic properties that have a history of significant real estate appreciation rates. Their upper-level occupations keep them occupied while also providing them with a comfortable lifestyle.

The neighborhood of Euless Grapevine Rd is wealthier than 95.1 percent of the neighborhoods in the United States, according to the Census Bureau. A unique scenario exists for residents of this area even when compared to other Americans because of the vast quantity of wealth that is concentrated in this area. When the economy was in a slump, inhabitants of this neighborhood collectively suffered less and recovered more swiftly than their counterparts elsewhere. This is, without a doubt, a distinguishing aspect of this neighborhood.

One manner in which the Euless Grapevine Rd area distinguishes itself from the rest of the country is that it contains more large four, five, and six-bedroom homes and real estate than 96.2 percent of the neighborhoods in the United States. Walking or driving about this area, you’ll immediately notice the size of the residences, which makes for a striking visual statement in and of itself.

When it comes to residential real estate, Euless Grapevine Rd stands out as somewhat unique in that nearly all of it was constructed in a single time period, particularly between 1970 and 1999, and is typically considered to be established, but not old housing. When you walk about or drive around this neighborhood, you’ll notice that many of the houses have a similar appearance to one another due to the fact that they are all of a similar age. As a matter of fact, 83.5 percent of the residential real estate in this area was constructed during this time period.

The Euless near Grapevine Rd area has more people of Belgian and Romanian origin residing there than almost any other community in the United States. In actuality, 1.3 percent of the population of this neighborhood have Belgian heritage, and 1.3 percent have Romanian ancestry, according to census data.

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