There’s no doubt that the Lebanon neighborhood is one of those exclusive areas in which to live. The median real estate price there has been recorded at $556,165, which makes it more expensive than 94% percent of Texas neighborhoods.

When it comes to the cost of renting a home, residents of Lebanon have some serious expenses. The average rental price in Lebanon is $1,994, and this neighborhood exceeds 79.6% more than other neighborhoods within Texas, which translates into an extremely high rate for people who want peace of mind about their investments (and plenty less money spent).

The diverse real estate market in Lebanon is a great example of how geographic locations dictate what can be found. The neighborhood has small to medium-sized apartments for those who don’t want the hassle and bustle but still need their own space, while there are also high-rise buildings if you’re looking for more floor capacity with lower prices per square foot than single-family homes offer.

The Lebanon neighborhood in Frisco is home to many young professionals who are renters, with homes that were built between 1970 and 1999 being the most common among them. A number of residents also reside within this area since it has been pretty consistently developed over time – though there have certainly been some changes along the way.

The Lebanon neighborhood is a place that’s almost entirely dominated by large apartment buildings. These include complex or high-rise apartments, which account for 89% of residential real estate here. This makes it one step ahead in comparison with 98 percent of other neighborhoods across America – having more so than usual considering this proportion rates above average among all places worldwide.

The high proportion of one, two, or no-bedroom real estate in Lebanon is a notable feature that makes this neighborhood unique. With 90% small living spaces like studios and other cramped accommodations here compared to most places around America which have mostly larger homes for families looking forward to growing their collections on childrens’ beds over time–it’s clear why so many people call them ‘tiny houses.’

The Lebanon neighborhood in Frisco, TX, is one of the most popular neighborhoods for renters. With nearly 92% occupied by people who don’t own their homes, this area has a high rate compared to other places across America.

There are more Arab and Iranian ancestry people living in the Lebanon neighborhood than nearly any other place across America. In fact, 4% of this area’s population has Arabic roots, while 1.2 percent have Iranian roots.

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