Allen, Texas, is home to some of the most luxurious and expensive neighborhoods in all of America. The Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood represents an urban environment with its own set of amenities that can be found nowhere else – from parks filled up by birdsong to late at night when they sing their final song before falling asleep together under the moonlight.

The Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood is a sought-after location in the city. The median real estate price here ($468K) far exceeds that found elsewhere, as it’s more expensive than 88% of all Texas neighborhoods and 73% nationwide.

The cost of rental in the Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood is higher than 93.8% of neighborhoods throughout Texas, with an average price at $2,673 per month.

The Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for single-family homes with plenty of space. The mix between apartments, high-rise condos, and other types makes it all very interesting.

When it comes to Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood’s residential real estate, there is a lot of variety. Some homes were built as early as 1970, andْ others were recent enough that you can still see their new vinyl siding on many houses from 2000 or more recently. A majority belong occupied by owner-occupants who seem happy with their purchase decision despite some upsets along this journey called life.

The Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood is a great place to look for new homes. With 84% of the residential real estate here being built after 1999, you know that this area has been well-preserved and maintained by its homeowners. The newer housing stock dominates all aspects in terms of scenery — from architecture or landscaping.

The beauty of the Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood is that it has a wide variety in terms of architecture and size. From large homes with four or more bedrooms to small apartment buildings, this area offers something for everyone who’s looking.

A great thing about walking around here are all these big houses- you’ll instantly notice how many there really are when close proximity makes them stand out from other areas neighboring neighborhoods.

With a majority of adults in the Forest Grove / Wetsel neighborhood being wealthy and educated executives, this area tends to maintain high real estate appreciation rates. If you’re an executive who wants a similar company but with lower maintenance requirements, then consider settling here for your next move.

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