When it comes to real estate prices, the County Rd 23 / County Road 72 neighborhood is top-notch. This area has a median home value of $436,507, which makes them more expensive than 87% percent of neighborhoods in Texas and 72% of U.S. neighborhoods. So if you’re looking for somewhere affordable but still tremendously rich with character, then this might be just what your heart desires.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 99.2% of other neighborhoods across Texas, with an average rental price at $3685 per month for houses or apartments- not including utility expenses.

The County Rd 23 /County Rd 72 neighborhood is a great place to find large, single-family homes that offer the perfect balance of privacy and affordability. Choose from four or five-bedroom properties with three+ beds, and you’ll have plenty of room for everyone in your family.

When it comes to this community residential real estate, the majority is owned by residents. Many homes on our streets were built between 1970 and 1999, with some being as recent as 2000 or even later. There’s also a good amount that was constructed back when folks thought they would never reap the rewards from oil investments here: sky’s limit seemed like an endless supply too far off down road).

You might be flabbergasted to know that the people in this community are among America’s wealthiest. Only 4% of neighborhoods nationwide have a higher median income than County Rd 23 / County Rd 72, and their real estate is well maintained too – as properties tend not only to stay on rental lists but also appreciate over time. Most cars here drive luxury brands like Mercedes-Benz or Audi; some even BMWs Lexus models.

This is the community to be if you want a more intellectual atmosphere. In this one neighborhood, 34% of adults have completed an advanced degree such as a master’s or law degree and even doctors. That’s incredible when compared with other neighborhoods in America where only 12% have these educational achievements.

When you are driving around this neighborhood, one of the newest built-in America with fresh paint and young landscaping nearly everywhere you look, it’s easy to see why Homes have such a large presence here. In fact, 88% (or more!)of Residential Real Estate is classified as newer, which means that most people will never get tired looking at them.

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