The County Rd 22 / County Rd 114 community is an affluent area with a median home price of $721,076. This makes it more costly than 96% percent of neighborhoods in Texas and 89% of U.S. neighborhoods.

When it comes to renting in the County Rd 22 / County Rd 114 neighborhood, you are investing more than average. The current rental price is $2,325, which is higher than 88% of neighborhoods across Texas. This makes this area have one of the highest costs per square foot among all other communities nationwide.

County Road 22 and County 114 community real estate is a mix of large, medium-sized homes with three or four bedrooms. There are also apartment complexes/high-rise apartments in this area that range from one-bedroom to five+.

The residential real estate in this area is mostly owner-occupied. Many residents have newer, 2000 or later construction houses that were built specifically for them; there’s also an abundance of 1970s through 1999 era homes as well.

The housing market in this area seems stable, with rates of vacancy lower than most American neighborhoods. Demand for real estate is high and may signal either increased prices or new construction to come soon.

This is a perfect example of the type of neighborhood that you will find in any large city. It has larger, four or five-bedroom homes than 99% of all other neighborhoods nationwide. When strolls through this area, it’s hard not to notice how spacious many of these houses are because they’re just so huge compared with others around here.

Not only are new homes built into this neighborhood much more than older ones, but they also account for 92.8% of all residential real estate here. When you drive around town or look at the buildings from a distance in order to get an idea about what type of place it may be; one thing that will likely jump out at you is how often paint jobs colored, and there’s no mistaking those freshly planted greenery hedges lining walkways between properties as well.

This neighborhood is home to many upper-level executives who have been able to maintain their wealth and live comfortably. If you’re an executive, this might be the place for your family – especially if they want a similar company.

The County Rd 22/114 neighborhood is one of the wealthiest communities in America. The real estate here tends to maintain its value over time, and residents prefer private schools for their children if public options aren’t up-to-par with what they need or want.

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