Playing Frisco Lakes Golf Course will allow you to train and compete at all skill levels, as this course offers a well-kept 18 hole championship layout with five sets of tees. It has excellent conditioned grass for your tee shots and pristine landscaping, making every round an enjoyable experience.

The course by Gary Stephenson has two sets of 9 holes that can be played separately or together. The front nine is navigation through the Frisco lakes community, while the back plays opens up to open rural areas perfect for relaxing shots.

Who doesn’t love a good challenge? The thought of competing against others and being the best at something is exhilarating. If you’re looking for this type of experience, then look no further. These guys will not only give it their all in every competition but also help teach beginners how they can improve too- what could be more rewarding than that?

The beautiful Frisco Lakes Golf Club is a favorite for the locals, with an award-winning course and restaurant to go along with it. Rated among the top luxury public golf clubs in Dallas, this club has been featured among some pretty high ranked organizations like Avid Golfer magazine, who listed them as having “exceptional service” for three straight years running. With stunning views from every corner on their veranda overlooking Lake Lewisville or during gameplay when you’re out there trying your luck at hitting that perfect drive downwind side, be sure not to miss out by making reservations now before they sell out.

Golfers know that the game is more than just a casual pastime. It’s about enriching your senses and getting one ball into another hole – but it also involves a careful focus on where you’re putting everything else: green hillsides, pine forests, dewy grass greens. When at the club, keep an eye out for those little details which can make all difference in how successful this adventure might turn out.

There is also a grill and bar at Frisco Lakes Golf Club. Whether you want to grab a snack before your round, enjoy some wine on our patio while watching TV or have dinner with friends – they are here for all those moments where life feels too short without good food and drinks nearby. They have everything from hot dogs wrapped in tinfoil to steeply-cooked burgers cooked right before your eyes.

We’re always looking for ways to end your week on a high note. That’s why every Friday evening, the Frisco Lakes Golf Club opens up the banquet room doors and serve you some of our signature dishes. It might not seem like much, but it will help make everything else go away in their place.

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