The area of S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr is a suburban neighborhood located in Allen, Texas. This area has plenty of green space with communities that are mostly single-family homes or high-rise apartments.

The median home price in the S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr community stands at $199,715, which is more expensive than 52.8% of neighborhoods in Texas and 36% nationwide. That said, it’s still cheaper than most other places in America.

The neighborhood of S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr is not only one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Texas; it’s also an excellent location. The average asking price for rent here currently stands at $2,260, and this area has a higher density than 87 percent of other areas across Texas.

The S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr neighborhood is a great place to live if you’re looking for medium-sized homes with plenty of space. The area has many different types of real estate, including apartments that can fit anyone’s needs.

Homes in the S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr neighborhood are mostly occupied by owners with only a few rentals. Many homes there were built between 1970 and 1999, while others 2000 or afterward – making this area seem more stable than most other parts of town where you’ll find old houses mixed with new construction.

Moderate-income neighborhoods are located in cities all over the country, but this particular one has some great amenities. Its close proximity to downtown and heavy reliance on public transportation for people who work their daily lives makes it very eco-friendly too. When you move to Allen, make sure that the S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr neighborhood is one of your chosen destinations. This area has an above-average median income and lower than average crime rates.

This is a neighborhood where people work hard. In the S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr area, 35% of its working population are employed in executive positions with management and professional duties; 27 percent sell products or services under tight deadlines for their respective industries, while another 18 percent maintain office buildings on-site near some major destination.

When you live in this diverse neighborhood, it is important to be aware of the many languages being spoken. The most common language here appears to be English, with 72% percent speaking that as their preferred tongue at home and Spanish coming close behind. Other popular choices include Langs Of India or another foreign tongue like Arabic, which has been heard before from time to time when visiting friends in the S Greenville Ave / Ridgemont Dr community.

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