Imperial Dr. / Bel Air Drive is a beautiful suburban neighborhood situated in Allen, Texas, and is among the most popular places to live with its nice manicured lawns that back up against trees, giving you plenty of shade when needed.

The median house price in the Imperial Dr / Bel Air Dr neighborhood is $420,996, which makes it more expensive than 87% of neighborhoods across Texas and 71% nationwide.

When it comes to renting in the Imperial Dr / Bel Air Dr neighborhood, you’re paying more than almost any other location. The average rental price is $2,604, which is higher than 93% of all neighborhoods across the state.

In case you are looking for a great community to call home, look no further than the Imperial Dr / Bel Air Dr neighborhood. This area has everything that any family could need with its large selection of homes, including single-family properties like yours.

The Imperial Dr / Bel Air Dr neighborhood is a great location for those looking to find their perfect home. The area has an overwhelming variety of homes that vary in size, price range, and bedroom count; there really isn’t one type you won’t be able to.

The area is composed mostly of owner-occupied homes. Many residents in this neighborhood have lived there for decades, with some built as recently as 2000 or later; however, most were constructed between 1970 and 1999 (a few exceptions exist).

When you’re an executive and want to keep a similar company, consider settling in this neighborhood. The majority of adults here are wealthy or highly educated; many have stately homes that tend to keep high real estate appreciation rates. Their amazing upper-level careers keep them busy but allow them to live comfortably with plenty of opportunities for leisure time too – if they can take advantage, it seems like most people do because all sorts appear regularly on these streets: chefs preparing elaborate meals at their private cookbooks’ dinner parties while watching grandchildren play outside across lawns filled by beautiful flowers planted just right … photographers capturing moments between lovers.

The neighbors in this neighborhood are among the wealthiest citizens of America, making it a great place for those who can afford high incomes. These gated communities offer peace and tranquility with 24/7 security so that your family will always feel safe no matter what happens around them. In fact, the neighbors in the Imperial Dr / Bel Air Dr neighborhood are very wealthy, making it among the 15% highest income communities nationwide. They have a higher income than 92 percent of American neighborhoods.

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