Barbara and Lorne Hosack, who own and operate a gallery in Cape Coral, have spent the most of their life creating and selling works of coastal art. Lorne’s Gallery, located at Tarpon Point Marina, and Frame Gallery & Gifts, located on Del Prado Boulevard, are both owned and operated by the same family business.


The view of all the magnificent boats and restaurants is something that seems like it should be in Naples. Aside from the fact that it is incredibly interesting to pass through Lorne’s Gallery and look at all the sundries there, the vista is also something that looks like it should be in Naples.


Even if you amble through the 300-square-foot exhibit for a whole five minutes, you won’t have seen everything there is to view. There’s a lot of stuff to look at. There is an overwhelming amount of information to take through, what with over 500 pictures stacked here and there as well as over 20,000 images in print that are exclusive to Lorne’s Gallery and their other gallery, Frame Gallery and Gifts.


In addition, the galleries provide high-quality printing services. They have access to thousands of photographs that are not available anywhere else. This indicates that they are the owners of the originals, as well as the printing rights, and that they are the ones who are producing the copies themselves. They are the framers after the printing has been completed; they frame little and large pieces, and they frame with their customers in mind. They are quite particular about the art that they create as well as the frame process.


The primary gallery, which has been situated on Del Prado Boulevard in Cape Coral for the past 29 years, is roughly 5,000 square feet in size and can be found directly across the street from Walmart. They have something called a 24-hour check out available for clients who are having trouble choosing an image that will look good in their house. This affords the purchaser the opportunity to take a framed work of art or several such works home with them and examine them in the comfort of their own surroundings. This is of great assistance to an individual in locating the ideal thing for their home.

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