The Lebanon Rd/4th Army Memorial Rd community is a more expensive area of town than most. The median real estate price here sits at $550,106, which puts it above the national average and places this particular spot as one where you’ll need some extra cash if planning on buying yourself something new.

The average rental price in the Lebanon Rd / 4th Army Memorial Rd community is currently $4,150 and can vary depending on what type or size property you want – but it’s more than 99% higher compared with other neighborhoods near/within Texas.

The Lebanon Rd / 4th Army Memorial neighborhood is a great place to call home. With large (four, five, or more bedroom) single-family homes as well as apartment complexes/high-rise apartments available for purchase, there’s something perfect in this community that will suit any family’s needs.

The Lebanon Rd / 4th Army Memorial neighborhood is home to many owner-occupied homes. The area has grown more recently with new construction happening in 2000 or later, but there are also some older properties that were built between 1970 and 1999 as well.

This is the perfect place for executive adults looking to live comfortably. The neighborhood has a majority of wealthy and educated people who own stately homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates. In case you’re an executive with similar company preferences, consider settling down in this awesome community today.

The Lebanon Road/4th Army Memorial neighborhood is a hot spot for highly educated adults. In fact, 40% of the people living there have earned an advanced degrees such as Masters degrees or law enforcement certificates. That’s more than double the average rate seen in other neighborhoods across America.

With 68% of residents married in this neighborhood, it’s no surprise that many couples here have been able to sustain their relationships for years. The key may actually lie with the priests and therapists who live on Lebanon Road/4th Army Memorial –they seem more successful at understanding what makes a happy marriage work than those folks from other areas.

The Lebanon Road/4th Army Memorial Drive neighborhood is one of the most unique in all America. Not only does it have more large homes with four, five, or additional bedrooms than 99% percent of other neighborhoods on this nation, but they’re also beautifully proportioned and impeccably maintained – what you see here is what you get. 

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