Old Town Spring, a part of Spring Texas, is rich in history. Settlers were attracted to the area in 1840 because of the rich soil and cheap land. When rail was put down through Old Town Spring in 1871, the town had a growth spurt. One hundred fifty-three residents lived there at the time, mostly of German ancestry. Today, Old Town Spring is a bustling tourist destination with shops and restaurants that reflect its historical roots.

Old Town Spring began as a farming community and then grew into a railroad center. It currently serves as a shopping district with many unique businesses and attractions. There’s something for everyone in Spring, from quaint boutiques to delicious restaurants.

The town of Old Town Spring offers a slower pace for those who are looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that it has in store. Visitors can stroll through this picturesque community, which lies just outside city limits; there’s plenty here you’ll want to see from museums or live music performances at various clubs throughout the town.

Visit Old Town Spring for a little escape from the hustle and bustles of everyday life. The laid-back town offers an interesting history with charming throwback vibes when you want something out-of-town but still close by.

Old Town Spring is an ideal destination for shopping, dining, and enjoying local businesses. Today, over 100 businesses call Old Town Spring home. Visitors can find everything from unique boutiques to well-known national brands. There are also plenty of restaurants to choose from, with something for everyone’s taste. For a new outfit, a great meal, or just some fun things to do, Old Town Spring is the place to be.

Old Town Spring is an excellent location to find one-of-a-kind treasures. With more than 150 shops, you can find everything from antique furniture to handmade crafts. Some of my favorite shops include Camille’s, where you can find an amazing vintage armoire, and Crazy Mama’s, where one can create own perfume. The Spotted Pony is also a must-visit for anyone looking for unique vintage clothing and costumes.

History comes alive in this small town. The Spring Historical Museum teaches you about the lumber and railroad industries that used to be a backbone of local livelihoods but now thrive as tourists discover what makes our area so unique. There are as well several places where one can take classes on wine tasting or painting while enjoying live music performances every night – it doesn’t stop at just artsy stuff either; if your tastes run towards more traditional activities, then try out some knitwear designing with an expert instructor right here using only locally sourced materials.