This is a great urban neighborhood to live in, with easy access to the rest of Allen attractions. N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd makes it possible for people who live here to enjoy all that downtown has to offer without having their commute time increased by traffic jams.

When it comes to real estate, the N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd neighborhood reigns supreme. This area has a median price of $317K, which makes them more expensive than 77% of neighborhoods in Texas and 59.5 % across America.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 88% of other neighborhoods across Texas. The average rental price on N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd currently sits at $2,314 – making it a very desirable place to call home.

Once it comes to the N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd neighborhood, there’s one thing that stands true: you’ll find a variety of home sizes and living arrangements. From small apartments for those who don’t want or need much space- all the way up through five+ bedroom houses with plenty more room inside.

The residential real estate in this area has a strong mix of owner-occupied homes and apartments. Many residents are young professionals who work nearby, while others have been families for decades before they moved into their current residence on N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd. The homes in this part of the community were built between 1970 and 1999, with several dating back to 2000 or later.

What matters most about a neighborhood is the way it looks and its particular character. For example, one might notice whether buildings all date from a certain time period or shop signs are in multiple languages to show there’s no barrier between people here. This rich lifestyle can be seen on N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd, where some households retain their vintage appearance while others have newer architecture.

The best thing about living on N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd is that it’s a great place for college students. The walkability, safety from crime, and proximity to all of the things one needs make this an excellent destination choice whether you’re looking into enrolling in classes or just want your room shared with others who have similar interests.

The people in the N Malone Rd / Rivercrest Blvd neighborhood are some of the most affluent you’ll find anywhere. They live here with a higher income than 83% percent of other Americans, making it an above-average financial status area for sure.

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