The median home value in the Starwood Dr / Burkett Dr neighborhood is $821,816. This makes it more expensive than 95% of homes across Texas and 87% of U.S. neighborhoods.

The cost of renting in this neighborhood is higher than 97.9% of the communities across Texas, but there are still some options for you if affordability is important to consider. A quick look at current rental prices reveals that Starwood Dr / Burkett Dr’s average price per month comes out at $3153, which makes it more expensive than nearly every other area around here. However – while these numbers may seem scary- they also don’t mean too much when considering how long one could potentially stay before having their rent covered by someone else again (or even paying less).

The Starwood Dr/ Burkett Dr neighborhood is a great place to call home if you’re looking for something big enough that your family will never be cramped. There are many options available in this area: from single-family homes with massive yards perfect for hosting barbecues or just relaxing on sunny days; to townhomes where everyone can live together peacefully without any conflict between neighbors close by each other yet still have plenty of room when needed–whether it’s an extra guest coming over unexpectedly because someone got engaged during dinner last night.

With a population of mostly owner-occupied homes, the Starwood Dr / Burkett Dr neighborhood has many newer developments. Many residents live in these modern properties with construction dates ranging between 2000 and the current day. There are also some older houses that were built as early 1970s apartments or condos.

This upper-level neighborhood is composed mostly of executives and wealthy people. They own stately homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates, so this could be an attractive place for them if they want the same company but don’t have enough time or money on their hands!

In other words: A majority (but not all) of adults living in Starwood Dr / Burkett Dr has career ambitions beyond working full-time at a job just to make ends meet — which means these residents are more likely than others around here with less education.

The executives, managers, and professionals make up a high proportion of the workforce in this neighborhood. This is due to how exclusive it can be for these types of people, which distinguishes Starwood Dr / Burkett Dr from other areas across America.

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