The Stewart Creek Rd / Lebanon Rd community is not only one of the most expensive in Texas, but it’s also among those who reside there. The median real estate price for this area hovers around $595k – which makes housing more costly than 95% percent of other areas across Texas.

This is not surprising, as the average rental price in Stewart Creek Rd / Lebanon Rd is currently $2,267. This makes it far more expensive than 87% of neighborhoods across Texas – and this number will surely continue to rise with all those luxurious vacation homes popping up around here.

Stewart Creek Rd / Lebanon Road is a beautiful, peaceful neighborhood that offers the perfect home for anyone looking to settle into their own place. You’ll find everything from small homes with one or two bedrooms all the way up through large five-bedroom houses in this area of town.

The Stewart Creek Rd / Lebanon Rd neighborhood has a mix of owners and renters. Many residents live in newer, more recently built homes as well as some that were constructed between 1970-1999.

When you are driving around this amazing and beautiful neighborhood, one of the newest built-in America with fresh paint and young landscaping nearly everywhere, it’s easy to see why Stewart Creek Rd/Lebanon Rd has such a high proportionate share. In fact, 91% (or more!)of residential real estate here are classified as newer homes that completely dominate over older structures on their landscape.

Stewart Creek Rd/Lebanon Road is a neighborhood of luxury homes that tend to maintain high real estate appreciation rates. The upper-level careers of these adults keep them busy but allow for an easy life with plenty of time leftover on the weekends. If you’re looking into getting into an executive company and want some similar surroundings – consider settling here.

In addition, if you come to know the people here in this community that has one of the wealthiest neighborhoods per capita across America, then it will become quite clear just how lucky we really are. In fact, only 4% nationwide maintains a higher concentration than what can be found on Stewart Creek Road / Lebanon road. The real estate is exceptionally well maintained and tends to maintain its value over time too, which makes owning property an even better investment when compared with other places where buyers may not always appreciate these factors as much.

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