Situated at 8789 Lebanon Rd Frisco, TX 75034, Strikz is a place with an endless number of rooms and lounges to keep you busy. The entertainment zone has everything from video games, art exhibits, movie screenings, or karaoke. There’s something here for everyone who visits.

Head over to Strikz Entertainment for all of your family-friendly entertainment needs. With 43,000 square feet of fun and games galore – they are a North Texas’ premier venue staffed by friendly professionals who are happy to give you an unforgettable experience here at our center.

Strikz Family Fun Center offers a variety of activities for all ages. Along with their gaming areas and party room, there’s also an arcade to explore or relax in after you’re done playing with friends on the indoor playgrounds. They have laser tag grounds just waiting out front if that sounds like what your kids are into these days – no worries because they offer private lessons too, so one size doesn’t fit all when it comes down to how much fun this place can genuinely provide.

The Centre has several different uses. It’s primarily used for business meetings and social gatherings, but it also hosts informal parties in the evening hours when there are no more work deadlines. Strikz Entertainment offers a diverse and exciting platform for event hosting. The company’s Rose room, which can be rented out like any other venue on their website with different price ranges per square foot (depending upon type), contains ultra-modern bowling lanes as well as boutique-sized alleys in addition to an arcade games station.

Additionally, the company arcade has many different games for potential clients coupled with an immaculately maintained laser tag ground and is exceptionally spacious. It even houses several billiard tables that are perfect to while away your time in relaxation mode or challenge others around town. The best way to have a magnificent experience in Strikz is with some good old fashioned barbecued meat and delicious drinks. The grill is always open for custom orders, so head on down today.

The Strikz is a perfect space for your next event. Whether it is a significant formal event or a small intimate party, they can host everything from 10 people up to 800. they offer the most affordable options with our private party package, including food and drinks and plenty of space to socialize and mingle with people. Their food menu is also extensive, so you will be sure to find something you like.

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