Located on 6801 Gaylord Parkway Frisco, TX 75034, the Texas Sculpture Garden in Frisco is a unique, private organization that features more than 150 sculptures from local artists. This impressive collection can be seen as one of the only large-scale public displays for works created by museums and organizations across America.

The Texas Sculpture Garden is a unique landmark that celebrates modern sculpture in Texas. This four-acre space provides visitors with an opportunity to see some amazing pieces and learn about their place on this great art installation through informative panels throughout each area where they stand tall among nature’s beauty.

The Texas Sculpture Garden was created to honor the talent and work of homegrown artists in our state, making their art accessible for everyone.

Nearby Frisco, Texas, has a large and diverse selection of sculptures for public exhibition. The only privately-run garden in the state houses more than 150 pieces by local artists to show off their work–and it’s just waiting atop its raised platform so you can admire them too.

The Texas Sculpture Garden is more than just a place to view sculptures. Visitors can also enjoy the beautiful landscape and relaxing atmosphere, which was created to provide public access to various artists’ works.

This garden has a well-designed water feature, scenic views of nature, and sculptures that aare perfect for taking pictures. It also offers guided tours through the trails or individual ones if you have your map. The large collection of sculptures at the Texas Sculpture Garden is impressive for any state. In addition, this private museum boasts some works that can only be found here in its galleries.

With a map in the lobby, visitors can explore Hall Park’s winding trails and sculptures on their own. The gardens are breathtakingly beautiful, with expertly designed landscaping, including water features and easy stroll. This self-guided walking tour in the Texas Sculpture Garden will give you a little taste of Texas culture and heritage. You’re able to go at your own pace, taking in all the history along with some lovely scenery.

The sculptures at Texas Sculpture Park are magnificent artwork from some very talented artists. There is an almost endless variety, with pieces ranging in size and materiality—you’ll find everything here. And don’t forget about how well-landscaped this entire area feels; every detail has been carefully considered so that your senses get delighted by different features as you walk throughout it all.

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