Water Damage Inspection and Assessment Service

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Water Damage Inspection and Assessment Service by Water Damage Restoration PDQ

Life is great when everything is going smoothly, especially at home. Unexpected events, on the other hand, occur in every element of life. One of them would be flood and water damage.

No one wants to experience flooding, leaky plumbing, wastewater overflow, or any other type of water damage. Situations like these, however, do occur. When they happen, your priority should be to clean up the damage and restore your property to its previous condition.

The first phases in the water damage restoration process are inspection and assessment. Collecting and analyzing relevant data to estimate the extent of water damage to your house is part of the water damage assessment and evaluation process. Water Damage Restoration PDQ takes care of this for you so you don’t have to.

We obtain actual evidence on wet and dry surfaces using innovative technology and tools such as moisture sensors and surface monitors. We also take photos of the aftermath before and after to provide you any your homeowners insurance company with accurate information.

This operation is conducted as promptly as possible to avoid more water damage and to keep your repair costs under. Our experts work efficiently and professionally to complete our tasks on time. We always discover a price effective strategy to restore water damage for you, whether it’s a simple fix or a larger project.

We use our knowledge and expertise to alert you as soon as your home’s losses reach dangerous levels, allowing you to make an informed decision. We want to make sure that floods or other dangerous situations don’t happen again, so we’ll help you repair any water damage to your home.

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What Are the Benefits of Inspecting and Assessing Water Damage?

The examination and appraisal of water and flood damage can aid you in identifying the most cost-effective way for properly drying out your home. A water damage assessment can aid in determining the degree of the damage, estimating costs, removing extra liquid, preventing mold growth, and estimating the time it will take to replace or restore things.

If you skip the water damage assessment and inspection, you will waste time and money during the repairs and maintenance process. You’ll be spending time and money on only the objects that appear to be affected by water if you don’t use the findings of a full evaluation. Because you won’t realize the size or severity of harm, everything you do will be based on assumption. And, in most cases, you will still sustain additional damage over time since you will have overlooked other objects that appeared dry but were moist.

Who Oversees Determining the Extent of Water Damage?

When you hire Water Damage Restoration PDQ to assess your water damage, we’ll conduct a visual investigation first. We’ll go over your belongings or premises for any signs of water damage or possible water intrusion.

When the ocular examination is finished, we’ll start our infrared thermal imaging scan. This enables us to detect if any thermocouples are concealed behind moist drywall cushioning, carpets, sub-flooring, and other items. Any heat source might be a sign of long-term water leaks or even mold growth.

Once we find out where the water damage is originating from, one of three things might happen:

  1. We’ve determined whether or not your property necessitates the use of industrial drying equipment. If this is the case, Water Damage Restoration PDQ has the necessary equipment to complete the task.
  2. We realized that professional drying is not required for your house and that we can dry anything with our locally developed adsorbent drying devices.
  3. Since the water damage is done by anything outside of your house, you’ll need to fix it so that we can dry it out.

We also utilize a variety of methods to identify the categorization of the liquid and the best course of action. We’ll let you know what we found and how you should respond after we’ve finished our investigation.

water damage inspection services

The Following Areas Will Be Examined During the Inspection:

Water Damage Restoration PDQ’s water damage audit prudently encapsulates your entire property. Everything is put to the test, including:

We search for mold as well because it might be a result of water damage. If we find any signs of mold in your home, we’ll provide you with advice on how to get rid of it.

We may use this evaluation to determine the extent of the water damage across your property. It’s all part of the process of supporting you in making an educated decision about the severity of your injuries.

Do you have water damage from flooding, sewage overflows, water leaks, or something else?

Water Damage Restoration PDQ’s highly experienced personnel are prepared to support you in evaluating the degree of your home or business’ water damage. We also offer water damage restoration programs to assist you to get your home back to its original state of health. Give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year at (888) 488-2569.