When you visit Watters Creek, the residents will suggest that one of this suburb’s best attractions is at Allen. Found on Montgomery Farm grounds and described as a resort-style mixed-use venue with plenty to do in both indoor and outdoor areas for all ages, it has been named an exceptional place by those who have had experience here.

The expansive 52-acre site features a design that incorporates nature, shopping options, and food establishments. Visitors can enjoy fantastic water views while they’re there too. There are so many unique shops and excellent restaurants in this area. You can spend hours browsing through them or enjoying a nice meal at one of the numerous local hotspots.

The Watters Creek is a must-see for anyone who loves public art and scenic beauty. You can stroll through this area to find the many pieces that have been placed here, all of which showcase exceptional talent in their own way.

Situated at 970 Garden Park Dr, Allen, TX 75013, Watters Creek is the place to be for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Located right across from The Marriott Dallas Allen Hotel & Convention Center in downtown Scottsdale with over 70 shops on two floors, including famous boutiques like Cru Food & Wine Bar or Mi Cocina.

Watters Creek offers an endless array of activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re looking into starting your own business or just want some time away from it all, this rural retreat has everything that anyone could need. Spend the day exploring nearby areas with unique shops and restaurants while staying hydrated thanks to our complimentary umbrellas available at every turn. There’s no better way than experiencing nature right outside town limits when visiting Watters Creek.

Watters Creek is a place where you can enjoy the natural beauty of Waterville Valley and all it has to offer. There are plenty of events throughout each year, from art festivals in springtime or outdoor yoga sessions by summer’s end – so there’ll always be something new coming up. The resorts in Watters Creek offer modern amenities such as public Wi-Fi available anywhere within view, electric vehicle charging stations for those who want their own muscle car-like automobile on volts instead of gasoline-powered cars, reuse-refresh stations providing refreshing water made from reused tap filters.

There are plenty of dog-friendly shopping and patio spots throughout the center. Mutts Cantina also opened in the Summer of 2021, providing a one-of-a-kind experience for you and your furry friends.

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