The Wicked Dolphin Distillery first opened its doors in 2012 in Cape Coral, Florida, a short distance from the state’s abundant sugarcane farms. The concept for Wicked Dolphin Rum originated with the desire to create a genuine Florida Rum. Their rum is made in the largest American copper pot still in South Florida, with 100% Florida sugar, and local ingredients.


After being distilled, their award-winning rum spends anywhere from three to fourteen years aging in American White Oak barrels that previously held premium-quality Kentucky Bourbon. The family-owned distillery is known for its multiple-award-winning rums, which can be found across the Sunshine State and the rest of the Southeastern U.S. From the start, we set out to create a rum we could be proud of by using only the highest quality ingredients.


The distillery is only 35 minutes away from the state of Florida’s rich and fertile sugarcane fields, which produce more than half of the sugarcane used in the United States. Wicked Dolphin is “Florida’s Rum” because it uses only natural ingredients and is made in the state. Visitors can also tour the distillery, where they can sample the product and learn more about the production of this high-quality rum.


The best of what Florida has to offer goes into each bottle of Wicked Dolphin’s handcrafted spirits. Guests are shown the entire process, from sourcing ingredients to cooking, fermenting, and distilling in the distillery plant, and then on to the barrel room, where they learn how the spirits age to develop their distinctive color and flavor.


Tours of Wicked Dolphin are available on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Reservations are required and there is a cap of 35 people per tour time. They’ve kept their tasting room and shop open as usual. However, the tasting room is often crowded and noisy because of large tour groups. If you’re only interested in tasting, the best days to visit are Mondays and Wednesdays, when tours are not offered.

Distillery tours, and the tastings that follow, are offered at no cost.


It’s to be expected that the distillery and barrel room will be as hot as the rest of Florida during the summer. Even though the distillery has air conditioning, it can get quite warm due to the equipment. But don’t worry, because the Tasting Room has central air conditioning and is nice and cool. It would be greatly appreciated if you wore loose, comfortable clothing. However, the weather in the fall and winter is especially pleasant.

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